1.   Members may bring their cars onto the site providing it causes no inconvenience to other plot holders or damage to any part of the site.

2.   No cars or tractors are allowed along the main carriageways between 1st November and 1st May or at any time when the ground is saturated by rain. Vehicles may use the main carriageways for loading and unloading only, after which they must be returned to the car park.

3.   The site has a designated rectangular car parking area adjacent to plot 60. This is the only designated parking area on site.

4.   Members are reminded of the need to park responsibly and maintain access to the site for disabled users and emergency vehicles.  Members must not park on the access road to the car park or the run off to the main carriageway on the site.

5.   Members found to be in breach of this rule may have their tenancy terminated.

6.   All exits and entrances must be kept clear at all times.


[ Download a pdf version of this document here NRAA-Vehicle Access and Parking Advice ]