Site Security & Safety

1. The Association pride itself on the security provisions of the site which have helped keep instances of theft and vandalism lower than on many other sites in the Borough. These security features have also encouraged vulnerable members of the community to take an allotment garden on the site, secure in the belief that they will be safe when gardening alone on site.

2. The Committee would remind all members that they have an obligation to contribute to and maintain this high level of security through their vigilance and actions on site. This obligation benefits all and encourages participation from all in the community.

3. The Secretary shall provide members with the combination to the locks on the main gates for access, (and a key to the Site Toilet and Cabin) upon signing the tenancy agreement and on payment of a deposit. This deposit will be refundable after the return of the key upon a member leaving the Association.

4. All access gates are to be kept locked at all times. Any member caught leaving the gates unlocked for any reason other than immediate entry or exit may be reported to the Committee and may have their tenancy agreement automatically terminated.

5. Members have a right to challenge anyone on the site at any time as to their right to be there.  Non-members unaccompanied on the site should have permission from the plot holder.

6. Every member has a duty to comply with relevant Health & Safety legislation, the site Health & Safety policy (which is available in the Members Information folder in the Cabin) and are required to exercise a duty of care towards themselves, other members and anyone else using the site.

7. Compost, soil, stored materials, etc. should be kept away from fences so as not to reduce their effective height.

8. No modifications to the exterior perimeter fence, trees or other vegetation are permitted without the express written consent of the Committee. Applications to modify the exterior boundary should be made in writing to the Secretary.

9. Members should obtain the written consent of the Committee before cutting or pruning any trees, other than fruit trees on their own plot.

10. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that any visitor they bring/allow on site is aware of, and observes, the site Rules and Policies. Members will be held responsible for the behaviour of their visitors whilst they are on site.

11. Some plots have access from neighbouring properties. This access is not a right and may be restricted once membership ends.

12. Plot-holders who have access from their property may have that access removed/blocked up if it is deemed by the Committee to compromise the security of the site.


[ Download a pdf version of this document here NRAA-Security Advice ]