1.  The Plots on the site ‘belong’ to the Association. They do not belong to any neighbouring property and should not be advertised as such at any time.

2.  Plots will be allocated by the Secretary. Members may not enter into private arrangements regarding the transfer of plots.

3.  Plots must be cultivated and maintained, largely or wholly, by the named plot holder and their partner/spouse.

4.  Each member shall keep their plot clearly marked with the plot number and ensure that the boundary of their plot is clearly defined.

5.  Each plot should be kept in a good state of cultivation and well manured. Members undertake to keep the soil clean and free from noxious contaminants, livestock carcasses, weeds or any other plant which interferes with the cultivation of other parts of the site. Rubbish or scrap should not be allowed to accumulate.

6.  Members should seek the written consent of the Committee before erecting any structure (e.g. sheds or greenhouses) on their plot. If permission is not gained before erection the Committee reserves the right to require the removal of the structure.  Notification of this requirement will be given in writing to the member, at which time the member will have 4 weeks to comply. Where the member fails to comply and the Association incurs a cost for the removal of the structure that cost will be charged to the member.

7.  All erected structures must be maintained in good condition. Sheds may not exceed 6' x 4' in size.

8.  To avoid accidental damage whilst mowing or maintain pathways, it is recommended that allotments shall not be planted within 1' (30cm) of either the boundary or paths between plots.  Fruit trees should not be planted less than 18" (45cm) inside plot boundary.

9.   Members are to keep both the main roadway and paths between plots clear and cut to a reasonable level. Paths between plots should be maintained at a minimum width of 18" (45cm), edges to paths to be trimmed. Members will be notified which path will be their responsibility upon signing the lease (this will usually be the path on the left).

10.  No member will, under any circumstances, trespass upon or steal from the plot of any other member.

11.  Barbed wire may not be used on a plot other than to secure a perimeter fence.  Any such wire shall not be allowed to overhang outwardly from the perimeter fence (Health & Safety)

12.  No form of permanent fencing may be erected on or around any plot on site (other than the site perimeter fence). Temporary fencing (this does not include wind-breaks) may be erected after seeking the written approval of the Committee. No temporary fence or wind-break should exceed 4’ (1.20m) in height.

[ Download a pdf version of this document here NRAA-General Plot Advice ]