A Plot Holders Inspection template now exists for transparency with plot inspections.

  1. Plot Inspections shall take place not more than 60 days apart

  2. Two Committee members shall always be present

  3. A record shall be made contemporaneously on the Inspection template

  4. Where the record is marked in the first column as acceptable no other remark is required or shall be made.

  5. Where a record is marked as Advice, Warning or Void a note shall be made of the current position.

    a) Where Advice is endorsed and given this may be recorded on the template at the time
    b) Where Warnings are required this shall be communicated in writing with the details in accordance with the relevant rules

  6. The inspection record shall be made available to the committee as soon as practicable by the following means;

    a) The document shall be scanned and uploaded to the internet visible to committee only.
    b) The documents shall be presented chronologically at the next committee meeting where any action taken shall be reported upon.