A list of available plots shall be recorded on the website and at each committee or members meeting, along with the waiting list and as described below.

Any person who wishes to take on a vacant plot shall communicate this to the Secretary, this may be done by email initially and the time/date of the email shall be the time recorded for the application.

These details shall be communicated to the Chair so that ALL applicants are recorded on the NRAA website for not less than 21 days before being allocated a plot.

The website shall display their initial and surname publicly but their remaining details shall only be available for viewing by members.

When their names have been displayed for 21 days the Chair will advise this is the case and the Secretary may then offer them a single plot in order of availability.

Applicants may indicate an earliest date of requirement of an available plot and will then fall into rotation of being offered one dependent on their position on the list at the time.  If offered and not taken up they will return to the bottom of the list and wait until another plot is available.

Whilst a waiting list exists no current member will be offered or allowed to take a second plot.

A person from the same household can no longer apply for a separate plot in their own name whilst a waiting list exists.