To ensure that all reasonable practical steps are taken to secure the health, safety and welfare of NRAA members and Visitors whilst on site, located at Newdigate Road. Bedworth. Warwickshire.

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee has ultimate responsibility for Health & Safety matters that will affect site activities, and will draw up appropriate safety rules which will be displayed on site notice boards.
These responsibilities are:

  • To provide a focal point for advice and information
  • To ensure hazards are reported to the relevant authorities
  • To stop unsafe practices or anything considered unsafe.
  • To provide training as appropriate.


Your Responsibilities

Health & Safety is everyone's responsibility. Members and Visitors have a duty to ensure that by their actions they do not endanger the Health & Safety of either themselves or other people.
Your responsibilities include:

  • Knowledge of special safety measures during specific activities
  • Personally following safe working practices
  • Using protective clothing/equipment if necessary
  • Effective supervision of minors
  • Giving clear instructions/warnings to children or volunteers in your care.
  • Children are not allowed on the site unless supervised by a parent, guardian, or properly authorised person.
  • Any incident involving injury must be reported to a member of the committee and recorded in the incident book.
  • Children will not be allowed to operate power driven horticultural machinery at any time.
  • An authorised person will ensure that the site First Aid box is inspected monthly and the contents are listed and maintained. 


Children's responsibilities

  • Children must share the responsibility for the safety of themselves and others whilst on site
  • Children must listen to and follow instructions from their guardian at all times
  • Children must obey instructions immediately in the event of an emergency



[ Download a pdf version of this document here Health & Safety Policy ]