1. Members must not cause nuisance or annoyance to other members or obstruct any path set out by the Association for the use of members.

2. Members must not use any power tools or machinery on site before 09.30am on a Sunday or after dusk or 8.00pm (whichever comes first) on any day.

3. The site is maintained as smoke free. Bonfires are not permitted on site (regardless of size) unless authorised by the Secretary for unavoidable maintenance.

4. The site has toilets for the benefit of the membership. It is each member's responsibility to clean these facilities and dispose of the rubbish in the bins, etc.

5. Deliveries of manure must not be left on the carriageway for more than 24 hours.

6. Weed-killers must not be used on the main carriageways or the paths between plots. If weed-killers or other pesticides are used they must be mixed on member’s own plots - not at any communal water point.

7. Members must be careful not to contaminate the water troughs. They are in place to allow members to water their plots. They should not be used for washing tools, equipment or other items.

8. Weed-killers or pesticides must not be sprayed in conditions that could cause them to blow onto or settle on a neighbouring plot or surrounding site vegetation.

9. Members should compost as much of their green waste as possible. Green waste that is not suitable for composting and all non compost-able waste should be removed from the site and not allowed to accumulate. Any member found dumping any waste anywhere on the site (including on other plots, whether or not they are occupied) may be reported to the Committee and may have their tenancy agreement automatically terminated.

10. Members leaving rubbish when vacating a plot may be charged for its disposal.

11. Domestic rubbish should not be brought to the site for disposal.

12. The removal of soil from any part of the allotments is prohibited.

13. Dogs, other than guide dogs or assistance dogs are not permitted on site at any time.

[ Download a pdf version of this document here NRAA-Environmental Advice ]