Children will not be allowed on the allotment site unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or properly authorised person.

Anyone other than a parent, or guardian, supervising children below the age of 18 years, is expected to have completed and submitted a disclosure application form to the criminal records bureau and to have been given clearance.

Any instance of alleged or reported child abuse on the site must be advised to the nominated child protection officer (normally the Chairman), who will take the appropriate action, which may include informing the police.

Note 1
Supervising Adults may include schoolteachers, or official child minders.

Note 2
Disclosure application forms can be obtained from PO Box 110 Liverpool L 3 6ZZ.

Note 3
Any allotment holder giving gardening advice to a child must do so in the presence of the child's Parent or Guardian, or with that persons agreement.


[ Download a pdf version of this document here Policy-Child Protection ]