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NRAA Members have been provided with a Gardening Wall to publish their tips, tricks and experience of allotmenteering.

This Category is for general tips and tricks for Allotmenteering.

Blackcurrant Bushes

​If you have blackcurrant bushes Monty Don says cut out the old wood in the Autumn and over the space of three years the bush will have replaced itself.

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Crop Rotation

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Planting Peas & Pumpkins

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Planting Potatoes

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​You can download a pdf version of this guide here - Planting Potatoes

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Potassium Loving Plants

Plants that love potassium - throw your banana skins at the base of the plant and allow to rot naturally

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Black Spot on Rose leaves

Apparently a cure for this is 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in a gallon of water sprayed twice a year.



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