Gardners Wall

NRAA Members have been provided with a Gardening Wall to publish their tips, tricks and experience of allotmenteering.

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Burglary overnight 26th November 2020

Over night Thursday 26th / Friday 27th November 2020 the Allotments were entered by cutting through the wire fencing on the North side of the site adjacent to the public grass area between Lovell Road and Arbury Avenue. Once on the site the offender(s) cropped the padlock from the metal storage container and removed the following property; Power Cr...

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A birds eye view of NRAA

 Here is an alternative view of the Allotment site provided by Paul Whitehead with the use of his drone.

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Covid 19 and Allotments

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Covid 19 Emergency Measures 20200401

Download PDF File Here

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Hedge Cutting - Ashford Drive

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Car Park Extension

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Application for Associate Membership

In celebration of the Associations 70th year there shall be a new class of member "An Associate Member" An associate member must be affiliated to a Full Member or the Association as a whole. They shall pay an annual membership fee and insurance levy and may sit on the committee in any position other than Chair (the total number of Associate members...

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Application for a Plot

If you would like to apply for a plot on the site please complete the attached form and return it to the Secretary Janey Winter 7 Arbury Avenue, Bedworth.  File Name: NRAA-Membership-Application-Form File Size: 80 kb Download File

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Halloween 2018

Halloween at Newdigate Road Allotment Association Chalet. Our first Halloween party for children. Many thanks to Vicki Rymell, who was very patiently carved pumpkins with the partygoers, Raynor Goddard, who was amazing at face painting and Maggie Coupland for making some cupcakes, with no evidence left that they were there at all. All partygoers ver...

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Blackcurrant Bushes

​If you have blackcurrant bushes Monty Don says cut out the old wood in the Autumn and over the space of three years the bush will have replaced itself.

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Hedge Trimming

On Friday 6th October Arthur was cutting the hedges with a Ryobi Hedge Cutter when after 90 minutes he stopped for a break.  During the coffee break we noticed the council were trimming the bushes off Arbury Avenue next to us. An approach to the tractor driver secured his services.

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Pond Reclamation

Now that the frogs have moved on we had chance to clear out the pond of all the invasive bull rushes that had taken over the wildlife pond.  Perhaps we will see the ducks returning. Thanks to Arthur's gang again. :-)

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A - Z planting guide

File Name: a-z-planting.pdf
File Size: 298 kb
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Crop Rotation

File Name: crop-rotation.pdf
File Size: 271 kb
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Planting Peas & Pumpkins

File Name: peas-pumpkin-planting.pdf
File Size: 312 kb
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Planting Potatoes

File Name: potato-planting.pdf
File Size: 323 kb
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​You can download a pdf version of this guide here - Planting Potatoes

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Snow images

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  • 2013-01-26-11.16.46.jpg
  • 2013-01-26-11.17.26.jpg

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Site Access images

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Nature Garden images

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