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NRAA Members have been provided with a Gardening Wall to publish their tips, tricks and experience of allotmenteering.
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Application for Associate Membership

In celebration of the Associations 70th year there shall be a new class of member "An Associate Member"

An associate member must be affiliated to a Full Member or the Association as a whole. They shall pay an annual membership fee and insurance levy and may sit on the committee in any position other than Chair (the total number of Associate members sitting on the committee shall not exceed 50% excluding the Chair). Whenever the committee approve a motion for an open vote to member's Associate members shall also be able to cast a vote

Fees Annual Membership (£2.00) affiliation to the Royal Horticultural Society (£1.00) and an insurance levy (£5.00) total £8.00 per annum.

If you would like to become a member of the Association and support the ethos of "There's no better therapy than gardening" without taking a plot yourself then you could become an associate member.

Please download and complete the attached form and return it to the Secretary Janey Winter at 7 Arbury Avenue, Bedworth

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